Open Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. | About Our Company
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About Our Company

Welcome to Open Computing Singapore

Open Computing Singapore Pte Ltd was established in 2017 to provide cost-effective ICT platforms based on Open Server Architectures, Open Source Operating Systems and Open Software Designs to minimize CAPEX and OPEX to achieve a much lower TCO using non-propreitary technologies.

Our clients are empowered to integrate a wide range of Compute, Accelerator, Network Storage and Immersion Cooling technologies in Rack-based solutions for their most demanding requirements.

Open Computing Singapore promotes Tropical Green Data-Center Sustainability Solutions focused on Open Compute DC12v (OCP) and Immersion Cooled Server solutions to lower carbon-footprint, reduce water & energy consumption to achieve PUE 1.1 or lower and to reuse Data-Center waste-heat for Circular Economy applications.

As turnkey solution providers, we work closely with Data Centers, Telcos, Government Agencies and Enterprises across the Asia Pacific regions.